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Welcome to Skyhook Tools

Skyhook Pro was designed and developed by a professional drywall installer / plasterer to increase his own productivity.

His first attempts to fashion a tool were very rudimentary, however with the help of a Engineering Designer, they soon developed a product that functioned well and was easy to install.

With UK patents secured, The Skyhook was used professionally on-site. After several uses so many professionals saw the benefits and asked where they could buy the Skyhook. A Business was formed and the first Skyhook was put on sale.

Skyhook Pro

'As one professional to another, I invented the Skyhook Pro so I could install more boards more quickly, with less effort and now you can do the same.'

Quote from David - Inventor and Professional Plasterer

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Skyhook PRO Installation


Hold your Skyhook Pro on the first joist like this:

step 1


Screw it in firmly to the joist (plasterboard screws are ideal)

step 2


Push the first end of the plaster board into the Skyhook

step 3


Check the position of the other end on its joist and screw into place

step 4


Screw the first end in place and remove the Skyhook

step 5

Download these instructions in PDF