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About Us

The Skyhook Tool was invented by a plasterer for plasterers. Used for installing plasterboards onto a ceiling.

The new Skyhook Pro helps installers board out ceilings:

  • Quickly
  • Accurately
  • With less effort
  • With no gaps between boards

It fastens easily and securely to a joist with just one screw. This creates a firm stop on the centreline of a standard 40mm roof joist / truss. On wider joists it leaves even more room for easy fastening.

The Skyhook supports one end of the board while the other is screwed in place. As soon as the second end is fastened the Skyhook can be unscrewed leaving a clean edge and board accurately installed with no mess or fuss, ready to use again.

See our video featuring Tim the Plasterer from The Villa showing how the Skyhook Pro makes measuring quicker, simpler and more accurate too

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